Neither Prudent Nor Intelligent

Photo: Peter Deel

The end of 2011 is approaching and, as in previous years, it’s not precisely happiness that dominates the national mood. Although people try to overcome their despair and disgust, seeking to find reasons for happiness, at least of a personal character this holiday season, these are rare: the uncertainty about the present and immediate future negatively affects everything.

It seems that with the changes in the updating of the socialist model, there should be reasons to think of national improvement, but even if the measures implemented are on track, they have been so shallow, so slow and so limited in scope (not going beyond authorizing part, not all — of what had previously been absurdly banned) that they  do not contribute much to the actual development of the country. Also, they have only been realized in the economic sphere, ignoring the political and social, which remain true Gordian knots, which are essential to undo, which does not seem to be the intention of the authorities, who do not speak of them even by mistake.

A deeper and broader economic update would be desirable, but a political and social update is also needed. Without updating these three components, the results will be minimal, and the nation will not emerge from the deep crisis it is in, whether or not the outraged camp in our parks, even though there is every reason to do so. For now, the anger is still held within, and which it emerges it is in these encampments in other countries, preferably in the United States and Spain.

It seems that our problems will continue in the coming 2012 but, perhaps, a little with a little make-up slapped on to improve our image abroad. To let something so valuable and irretrievable as time go by is not wise or smart. Something is as scarce is this, both for those who implement the measures and the beneficiaries thereof.

Despite all the problems and the economic crisis, citizens of most countries (including their outraged) will receive the new year with renewed hope. For you, my readers, who reside in them, I wish you the ability to make all your dreams come true with the happiness and joy accompany them. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 22 2011

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